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Updated: 24/04/2013 17:30 | By Sam Ashton, Entertainment reporter, MSN Entertainment

TOWIE's Kirk Norcross 'still in love' with Amy Childs

Kirk Norcross, the former Only Way Is Essex star, admitted his love for former flame Amy Childs on This Morning.

Kirk Norcross (© PA)

Kirk Norcross made a big admission on This Morning; he revealed that he's still in love with former flame and ex-TOWIE co-star Amy Childs.

Responding to a question from presenter Holly Willoughby, he said: "I will still love Amy until the day I die - she is literally like the girl version of me. And when it didn't work out, it broke my heart really. And it wasn't her fault, it was both of our fault." [sic] 

On the subject of rekindling the relationship, he added: "I'd like to. Fingers crossed. I don't speak to her about it, but I speak to her now and then so we're still in contact."

He went on to talk about his reason for leaving the popular reality soap: "There's always so much pressure to be the alpha male and top dog and I feel like I have to excel myself all the time. And I like being the boy next door, the normal person."

He also addressed claims that he had slept with over 1000 women: "I was young and I've never been able to commit in a relationship."

The Only Way Is Essex will return in the summer.

24/04/2013 23:10
i think he needs to go to specsavers.....
24/04/2013 23:33
Love the bit about "top dog". Thought he was referring to Amy. Thank gawd they didn't get it together and have kids. Can you imagine having those two brain dead bimbos as parents? The kids would have no knowlege of anything remotely intelligent ( Joey Essex from TOWIE had no idea where Wales was or the name of the Prime Minister), but would probably be experts on breast enhancements and fake tans. What is it about Essex that produces such brainless morons?   
25/04/2013 11:25
He says he has slept with over a thousand women. Bill roach did but he did not boast about it. Maybe Kirk meant he has masturbated to 1000 different photos of women. Lol.
25/04/2013 05:46
A Girl version of ME!!!!!!!!! W..T>>F????????? SO what you are saying is other than masturbation you are so Full of yourself you Wanted to **** a Girl version of you WOW i have heard and said some retarded shizz in my life but NEVER Have EVER made myself look gay strait and Bysexuale  with one sentence..
25/04/2013 11:53
Sad pillock,get over it,you wont remember her name in a year!!! and I have never heard of you or her!!
26/04/2013 12:12
Guys like Kirk don't know what love is, he probably thinks it a night out with a kebab & a shag & a visit to his local STD clinic the following morning.
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