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25/05/2013 11:45 | By Rachel David, editor, MSN Entertainment

The Voice UK recommissioned for 2014

The Voice UK has been recommissioned to the BBC for 2014.

Jessie J (© BBC)

Jessie J can rest assured about having a fixed income for the year ahead.

The BBC has officially announced that The Voice UK will definitely return for another series in 2014.

Although the show has attracted less viewers than its ITV rival, Britain's Got Talent, this year, it seems BBC bosses aren't giving up on it just yet.

The show has been recomissioned at a cost to licence payers of £22million.

Back in 2011, BBC's director of television said of The Voice: We’ve got three dancing shows on BBC One on Saturday nights, and I wanted to decrease that, but still find ways that we could have live, often performance-based television.

"We are in an era where the audience love that. We shouldn’t ignore what the audience want."

So, for all you musical hopefuls out there... keeeeeeep singing!

25/05/2013 19:48
22 million of licence payers money? What a friggin rip off. Its absolute crap and if I could opt out of the licence fee and lose the bbc channels I'd do it tomorrow. We pay a large amount to the bbc and we should get decent programmes not sh!t like this
25/05/2013 17:30
Will we ever get any decent entertainment on television?
25/05/2013 21:45
25/05/2013 19:01
First x factor bring back that annoying old lady sharon osbourne and now this rubbish is coming back!! 
Tell me again why we pay a tv licence?? 
25/05/2013 18:06
The BBC really don't seem to care about the falling ratings do they?

I wonder if the winner's single will reach the Top 40 this year.

I wonder if they'll sell enough tickets to have their Tour this year.

I wonder if this time, the winner will go on to have a better career than the last (She ended up appearing in a Porn Movie)
What I'd like to see  is a secret coach (that the others know nothing about) all the rejects go into his or hers camp then compete against the other wannabes that got through
26/05/2013 01:10
More C**P from the BS Broadcasting Corporation.
26/05/2013 16:14

As long as you get some new judges.  Please no more of Mr. i.am. I want to hear good

singers sing and to continue on in the competition and not given unsuitable songs because he is conducting some experiment or wants to be controversial by choosing all the weakest singers.  Let us the viewers decided.  If he does sign up for another year any singer with any sense will avoid him like the plague unless of course he is the only one that turns around. If you going to have a steal (save me)  why can't you do at the end of the show so everyone get a chance.


Xfactor has set the standard for finalist to all get No. 1 albums and singles so expectation is high on the Voice contestants who are unlikely to succeed with that but they will be a lot better off then when they started on the show.



28/05/2013 10:54
The best talent show on TV, to all that think its crap get a life
28/05/2013 02:46
Very good show, the best for our talented people. "Very respectful"

25/05/2013 11:45 | By , editor, MSN Entertainment

The Voice UK recommissioned for 2014

The Voice UK has been recommissioned to the BBC for 2014.

How absolutely wonderful.
All the current news items, which are important to British people and the MSN news team, think people want to post their thoughts on this rubbish.
Does the home secretary really need the snoopers charter.


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