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Updated: 02/10/2013 16:45

Paris Hilton teases steamy new music video

Yes, she really is giving music another go.

Paris Hilton.Youtube

Say what you want about Paris Hilton, but we admire the fact that she never seems to give up.

Even when her BFFs let her down or her dogs go walkabouts (we all remember that saga with Tinkerbell her Chihuahua, right?) the sparkly socialite never backs down. 

In fact, Paris is even giving her 'music career' another shot after it fantastically flopped back in 2009 with her single Stars Are Blind. Now that's brave.

Paris teased a clip from the video to her upcoming single Good Time (which also features Lil' Wayne) and the footage revealed the socialite dancing around in her swimwear and going clubbing. Probably a typical day in Paris' life then!

Paris Hilton.Youtube

With lyrics such as 'I might be a bit tipsy, but that's ok because you're with me' don't go expecting an in-depth power ballad - it sounds more along the lines of a cross between a Tulisa impersonator and a chipmunk stuck in a tumble dryer.

Don't just take our word for it though - you can watch the full teaser video here.

02/10/2013 19:47
I don't admire the way you lot are endlessly fascinated by nothing. Empty nothingness, with nothing in it.
03/10/2013 09:12

A question I seem to be forever asking myself is "Why do they ALL have to sing?" Every two bit celeb famous for nothing, so many actresses and models all try to launch music careers and most of the time it's terrible! They don't need any more money or exposure so please just leave it alone and stick to what you're good at. Of course in Paris's case no-one is entirely sure what that is...

Oh joy! I've been waiting for what seems like forever for Paris Hilton to re-launch her music career...

...I can't keep this up. That's ridiculous.

02/10/2013 23:48
The words "music" and "Paris Hilton" in the same sentence really don't go together.  
03/10/2013 11:14
     having a goodtime tipsy withme  ...grt f~~#### g lyrics man!!!    as ray wud say to jim!! 
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