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16/08/2013 10:45 | By Rachel David, editor, MSN Entertainment

#RIPLarryShippers trends on Twitter after One Direction documentary prompts fan suicide rumours

Following the airing of Crazy About One Direction, a new Twitter trend suggests fans are considering suicide because of the way they were depicted on the show.

One Direction (© Rex)

The suggestion that One Direction fans are a bit over the top reached an all-time high with the airing of a Channel 4 documentary last night.

Crazy About One Direction showed a series of teenage girls gushing about the boyband, confirming that they're not interested in 'real' boys, that they fantasise about a gay romance within the band and spend sleepless nights camping outside hotels.

While many of us watched in admiration of their dedication, the programme has also sparked a flurry of alarm about the wellbeing of these young ladies.

In addition, 1D fans who decided to tune into the show have been left outraged and insist the programme has depicted them as "insane" and "psychotic".

Soon after the show, Twitter users saw the phrase #RIPLarryShippers trending worldwide.

The trend refers to rumours that 14 youths - who each call themselves Larry Shipper and fantasise about a romance between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles - had taken their own lives after the show.

The rumours have since seen the number of suicides rise to 42. Although these tales are currently unconfirmed internet rumours, the boys of One Direction have been left feeling concerned.

Liam Payne tweeted to his followers today: "Not really sure what's going on right now I just hope everyone's ok. Hearing some horrible things... Really hope this isn't true."

He added: "Just so all of you know we love you guys and we know how dedicated you are and tbh we can't believe it that you guys spend all your time on us.

"We couldn't give a f**k what any documentary says. They're dramatised for entertainment and full of bulls**t anyway. We all know how hard you work for us and see it everyday at our shows.

"Let's all take a step back and think about what we/you have all achieved. You should be proud."


16/08/2013 12:16
These young fans have got a lot of growing up to do.  How are they going to cope when their first proper boyfriend dumps them?  
16/08/2013 12:56
Well if they have committed suicide then that would give the indication that they are infact psychotic...
Have teenage girls always been this sensitive? it's quite worrying that they'd kill themselves over a program?
16/08/2013 15:44
I feel so bad for these girls. They killed themselves because they thought they WERE, in fact, psychotic. 
I'm sad to see that some of these comments are JOKING about suicide. Suicide is no joke. How would you feel if one of your loved ones committed suicide? Please dont joke about it. Its a serious cause of death and isn't a funny thing at all.
16/08/2013 21:05
Kill themselves over this drivel?

Seriously? Get a life. Nobody is worth that..ESPECIALLY this crap band.

16/08/2013 15:46
This is one for the Darwin Awards.  That's improved the gene pool a tad.
16/08/2013 17:36
I ended up watching it for about 20 mins and thinking these girls are just horny teenagers, nothing more. That's the thing with boy bands, yes they might be attractive but they're just as interesting as a wet carrot.
"Directioners" are going mental at channel 4 over the documentary claiming it's their fault. But you know who it was that was sending these "Larry Shippers" death threats? Other Directioners! It's actually frightening how obsessed they have become.
17/08/2013 12:17
I'm amazed that one direction have fans in the first place.
16/08/2013 19:19
17/08/2013 16:41
these girls need to get a grip on reality! you will never meet them so stop wasting your money and time!!!! get off your backside and i dont know go to school or get a job and your parents need a kick up their backsides too because they are allowing their young daughters to behave this way and if something was to happen will then blame the band for influencing teenage girls when the parents themselves coulkd have put a stop to it!!!!!!!! your sick
18/08/2013 01:01
all these suicides claims are utter nonsense. we know 42 people have killed themselves, despite not knowing the names of a single one? use your brains, people.
17/08/2013 18:31

If I saw anyone being that obsessed with anything, alarm bells would be ringing straight away. Do their parents, friends, teachers, and anyone they come into contact with them not sit there and think "Maybe something is not right here?" But instead of doing anything they let them on a television program for the whole nation to see and then are surprised at getting bad reaction.


I think I am living on a different planet,.

17/08/2013 10:38
also..i'll tell you whats worse than the fact they're psychotic..its that they're TONE DEAF..
19/08/2013 06:45

saying the suicide is stupid isn't funny. idc if u think its stupid, Idc if u think that's bull****. I don't give a **** what u think ok. stop telling us to grow up because chances are your adults telling a teen u don't even know to get a life. we do have a life. and when we take our lifes it isn't something to joke about.

17/08/2013 14:16
i think 1D and channel 4 really need to think about what they are doing and some 1D fans need to calm down these are 5 boys they come from normal backgrounds and are only really famous for their looks and not so much their singing anymore.
i think 1D have got to think about their fans more before this gets even more out of hand! x

20/08/2013 14:55
the girls parents shoulve told them 2 say sensible stuff, i'm 12 and them girls were 14 to 16 and acting dumb. its their own fault people r saying they are loopy, they should know better.
20/08/2013 14:48
i dont waste dough seeing them live, i love them from the comfort of my own home so dont ludge me u dont know me!
20/08/2013 14:47
i am not stupid 4 loving them or obsessed. and by love i mean adoration/affection not crazi mental health issues T888
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