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21/04/2013 14:30

Mitch Winehouse unimpressed by Beyoncé cover

The late Amy Winehouse's father has spoken out against Beyoncé's version of Back To Black...

Amy and Mitch Winehouse (© Getty)

Mitch Winehouse is unimpressed with Beyoncé's cover of Back To Black

Mitch Winehouse has spoken out against Beyoncé's cover of his late daughter Amy's song Back To Black. Speaking about the new version, which was recorded for the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby, Mitch said: "I don’t think she brings anything to it... I wasn’t asked for my permission if they could record it."

He has now given his consent - but only for the right price. ‘They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing. I can’t tell you how much it is but it’s a lot of money", he added.

MSN Music spoke to Mitch and ex-wife Janis at the Brits earlier this year. Take a look in the video player below.

21/04/2013 15:15
Always thought he was a self promoting Parasite  scamming off the back of his daughter's real talent. And now she is dead he continues to do so...GHASTLY GHASTLY Man! 
21/04/2013 15:32
A nasty little man who,rather than preserve his daughter's legacy is ruining it for the sake of money.
She had huge talent and deserved the money.
He has no talent.

21/04/2013 16:04

is mitch going to give the money to those addicts that need help

21/04/2013 15:03

He has now given his consent - but only for the right price. ‘They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing. I can’t tell you how much it is but it’s a lot of money", he added


waste of space, just like his druggie daughter.


21/04/2013 15:51
Really......??  And when did the great Publicity seeking Mitch become a critique of music?  Pity he didn't pass his 'Vast' talent along to other members of his family!!
21/04/2013 19:12
Having met Mr Winehouse I can assure you he is just as vile as you imagine
21/04/2013 18:05
He was trying to make money for himself off her name before she died, he was doing it just after she died and he continues to do it to this day.
He is an absolutely disgusting man. Maybe if she had a father that cared about her rather than the money he could make off her then she might still be with us.

21/04/2013 18:05
thieving little ponce, where was he to help and steer or intervene when she was alive...****
21/04/2013 17:31
I can't stand this pratt. He traded on Amy's talent and celebrity when she was alive and he's still doing it now she's dead. The bloke has no shame!
21/04/2013 19:13
So all the money goes to The Amy Winehouse Foundation?

Are you telling me that daddy doesn't take home a nice little wage, for all his hard work.
He stayed out of the way when Amy needed a father, but as soon as she was dead he jumped into the spotlight, 

What a way to show respect to your daughter, paste her face on your back.
Are you going to auction the waistcoat off 'for charity?'
21/04/2013 18:53
Should stick to what he knows best, Cabbing
21/04/2013 18:53
This Ghastly man should keep his nose out of music the business and the younger generation. He is trying to steal the lime light from his dead daughter. If he was a great dad, he could have given his daughter the support and help she needed whilst alive, sad old attention seeking man!
21/04/2013 18:51
blatantly making money out of the death of hisdaughter - scum 
21/04/2013 18:19
He says he has NOT given them permission to use the track??
They dont need it unless they change the lyrics :S 
21/04/2013 18:43
First he wants to use taxpayers money for a drop in centre for all the junkies and alcoholics  in his daughters name now this?Money grabbing b.....d!If you think this guy is a decent father or bloke your off your head!This guy is a total arse!
21/04/2013 15:06

the mother looks like shes gurning.

too may pills

Am I the only one who didn't think much of Amy Winehouse in the first place? Her music was hardly legendary...
21/04/2013 16:31

If the songs are owned by a publisher and not Mitch they don't need his permission. I never understood what all the fuss was with Amy---she could sing a bit but was nothing special--No Dusty Springfield--

and didn't Beyoncé MIME at that president thing--UNFORGIVABLE and then says it was cold and she didn't feel very well poor lamb.

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