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05/05/2013 10:00

Justin Bieber late again (but definitely not gay)

Popstar keeps fans waiting in Dubai while hackers post false rumours about his sexuality...

Justin Bieber has sparked anger in Dubai by arriving on stage two hours late - and has fallen victim to Twitter trolls who posted false reports that he's gay.

Justin Bieber on stage in Dubai (© Reuters)

Justin Bieber on stage in Dubai

In a repeat of the tardiness that provoked outrage in London back in March, the Canadian popstar arrived two hours late on stage for a show in Dubai. Fans at the country's Sevens Stadium were told only that 19 year-old Bieber was "on his way" until he finally appeared after 10pm.

One outraged parent told Sky News: "Clearly, having done this in London and being slated for it has made no difference to this performer and his management team. My wife and nine-year-old daughter, along with friends have been waiting for four hours at the venue for the concert to start. We are disgusted by this lack of consideration for paying fans, many of whom should be in bed by now in readiness for school."

Having maintained a squeaky clean image since he rose to fame in 2009, Bieber has had a nightmare 2013 so far, with a series of incidents including lateness, altercations with paparazzi, drugs found on his tour bus and a spectacularly insensitive message left in the Anne Frank Museum guestbook to name but a few.

Definitely not gay though
However, at least one recent scandal hasn't been his fault. E! Online's Twitter account yesterday claimed Bieber was about to come out. The message, posted around 1pm Eastern Time, read: "Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online: I'm a gay". It was followed shortly afterwards by another post, which read: 'Exclusive: Selena Gomez tells E! she will fully supporting Justin in his coming out.'

Having set Twitter alight, the group responsible for hacking E! Online's account finally owned up an hour later with the message: 'The Syrian Electronic Army was here! Fans of @justinbieber, you have been trolled by @Official_SEA12 #SEA'.

E! Online's Twitter account (© E! Online, Twitter)

E! Online posts that its Twitter account had been 'compromised'

Having regained control of its Twitter account, E! Online later deleted the offending tweets and clarified that it had been hacked.

Still, we wonder if Justin would have posted the following tweet if he'd known what was about to happen.

Justin Bieber tweet

Justin Bieber, Twitter

05/05/2013 11:34

When are his fans gonna realise that he doesn’t give a sh1t about them! I know people like Will.i.am speak of how talented he is being able to play lots of instruments but so what. Hitler could play the piano but doesn’t mean I want to hear it!  Bieber is an obnoxious, spoilt little brat who doesn’t deserve the success he has been so kindly given by those he makes wait for hours. I would have loved to have seen the little sh1t and that paparazzi guy fight. Bieber would have got he's head kicked in and it would have done him a world of good!

05/05/2013 12:19

I hope he is gay, he really does need a good shafting in the ****


05/05/2013 12:13
This child is a disgrace to Canada!!
05/05/2013 13:05
This makes me laugh, and yet there are still hundreds of little girls that cant see that hes a waste of space, Ow and yeah hes not gay, but his boyfriend is ;)
05/05/2013 12:46
He has a gay haircut just like Ricky Martin did!
05/05/2013 12:51
jusiin think he god what he want he get and if his  fan buy his tickets for his lipsinc show  he can have them wait till hell freeze over before starting and if he doesnt come on then they lose all he has to say is fake SORRY
05/05/2013 14:57

This little sissy boy is in love with himself,Gay or not still a little s**t!

Who the hell buys his crap music and this queers albums!Its the little girls that admire/worship him  not knowing he would prefer a dick then a ****! makes me sick!


05/05/2013 19:00
I don,t care if he,s gay or not. HE,S JUST AN  INCONSIDERATE  PRAT. getting parents hard earned money off them everyone should boycott this Idiot. 
05/05/2013 16:00
Where'd he stash his weed this time?
05/05/2013 17:39
He was probably getting shafted by an Arab bum-bandit while muff-diving a camel...  But he's not gay, he just loves sleeping with men, and he couldn't give a toss about his fans...
05/05/2013 19:13
Does he still have fans.  I have only heard negative things about this very young man, who seems to delight in annoying everybody.  Perhaps they are simply waiting for him to grow up.
05/05/2013 14:39
He must be one of the few in show business who's not gay.
05/05/2013 20:26

Canada you really have someone to be proud of their he's a credit to you, what a w*nker.

05/05/2013 23:22
he dosnt give a ****.he has made it.what the fans need to do now is dont care about him.then where will he be.
05/05/2013 19:44

Anyone who acts like this ****........ IS GAY,,,,And his twitter message " just chillin with the fellas in Dubai "  they are called lady boys you mornon.    Saw the news when he was  in london, late  for concent... he slept in while pillow biting,    Gas mask on....So you cant smell com on his breath, pretending to fight the camera man while , bitch slapping his body garud

05/05/2013 20:21
he is not gay  but he likes a ****  up his poo tube
07/05/2013 18:00
Justin Bieber late again  What? missed another period has he?
09/05/2013 08:34
The video recently shows the fan apparently attacking him whilst playing the piano (Dubai). Funny thing is as the piano falls over it keeps playing and his voice doesn't change for a second. Massive FAKE! #treatyourfansbetter
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