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23/03/2013 15:30 | By James Hurley, MSN Entertainment

Justin Bieber castration plotter: "It's still on"

Lunatic behind plans to chop off the Bieber crown jewels speaks out from prison...

The nutcase whose plot to castrate Justin Bieber was foiled last year has said the gruesome plan is "still on". 

Dana Martin planned to castrate Justin Bieber (© AP, Getty)

Dana Martin planned to castrate Justin Bieber

Speaking from his prison cell, 45 year-old Martin told a magazine he wanted Justin dead because he thought the Canadian heartthrob had “changed”.

He said of the plot: “It’s still on. This isn’t going away. Do you really think that I would stop?”

Martin's original plot was to have taken place following Bieber's shows at Madison Square Garden last November but was scuppered when he was arrested on outstanding warrants for previous offences. The plan came to light when he was secretly recorded discussing details with an associate.

Bieber's management team released a statement shortly afterwards, which read: "We take every precaution to protect and insure the safety of Justin and his fans”.

23/03/2013 15:58
Who's up for starting a fund to help this guy to fulfil his dream?    :oP 
23/03/2013 16:04

how can he castrate someone with no balls??


23/03/2013 17:46
I don't rate Justin what so ever, he's everywhere in the news doing pointless S*** Kids uses to look up to Neil Armstrong (What happened!) But to most who are commenting, encouraging and agreeing with this crazy lunatic to kill someone just beause you don't like a singers certain music ? WHAT! doesn't matter who the person is (Really ANNOYING!! Or not) that has been threatened to be killed you commenters should be ashamed of yourselfs :/
23/03/2013 17:12
This is going to be unpopular, but this obsession with hating Justin Bieber has gone too far.
He's a teenage singer. His market is to teenage girls. He's popular on things like MTV and reported in the media because of this.
If you ignore his coverage you'll stop being interested, and he can get on with being what he is.
23/03/2013 16:34

I thought he had already been done.


23/03/2013 17:20
When he removes his gonads can he take out his voice box as well please
23/03/2013 16:27
I think the appropriate term is "spayed"
23/03/2013 17:02

I wonder what he plans on doing with the pea sized balls after he's finished lopping them off. He could probably fit them up his nostrils.

23/03/2013 16:47
How much does everybody have to put into the fund?
I mean look at that pic . **** is it a boy is it a girl.
Its not like me . I dont know him but he annoys the **** clean outta me

I thought you had to be 18 years old to be on this sight.

Most of the comments seem about 14 years old, funny.

23/03/2013 16:25
I cant see the funny side of this, a few friendly insults is one thing but this is beyond a joke
23/03/2013 17:03
what is going on in this world??? are you all mad? we are talking of a lunatic taking a teen's life!! and that's mean another child life! Who are all of you to decide who has the ball and who hasn't? have you got balls yourselves? mind you i am not a teen and definetely not in love with bieber but i admit that the young boy has achieve his success thanks to his talent not his penis or his balls!! so please let him be! On the other hand there are plenty of dangerous people out there that they should be locked up for good like phedophiles and Martin who should be chopping his own balls!!
23/03/2013 18:56
BALLS are no measure of courage, I've known many a coward to possess a pair. Then we have this d**kbreath who needs an "associate" to attack a young lad who is barely shaving yet.....what a brave MAN!!!
24/03/2013 18:20
23/03/2013 17:40
Well this is one way to get publicity
23/03/2013 19:16

Look I know that not everyone like this guy, but are you serious! I mean c'mon get a life, there are many people who don't deserve to live like i.e. dirty politicians, but no people would much rather waste their time to kill someone, who eventually in the future will be forgotten, the more we concentrate on Mr Justin Bieber. the more he grow, jheez its simple economic.


However the Idea of killing someone is wrong, as it will only mean we steep to their stupidity, and yes I know I just typed "there are many people who don't deserve to live i.e. dirty politician", but it doesn't mean kill will give us true satisfaction.

24/03/2013 12:46
Hiliarious in a way but very serious in another. Made me laugh anyway.
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