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20/02/2013 09:45 | By Emma Roberts, MSN Entertainment

Justin Bieber buys pants in Primark

The singer caused a frenzy on Twitter after it was revealed he bought pants in Primark.

Justin Bieber

With all the money that teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber has accumulated over the years, you'd think that he would wear pants made of diamond dust.

So we were surprised when it was recently leaked that the Biebster went into a Primark store during his current visit to the UK and bought some underwear. Who'd have thought that the singer loves a pair of cheap pants just as much as the rest of us?

The news created tremors on Twitter, as Beliebers shared their joy that Justin shopped in the store - @JaymeeEldrich said: "So because @justinbieber shopped in Primark, its trending.. ah I love this guy!"

Others weren't too impressed with Justin's latest shopping trip though - @Checkleyy tweeted: "So, Justin Bieber shops at Primark. I shop at Primark. Loads of people do. WHERE'S MY TRENDING TOPIC?!"

@WillBlackWriter joked: "Justin Bieber going to Primark is one of the most poetic and funny things he's ever done. He is to music what Primark is to clothes."

Yikes Bieber, it looks like you better stick with your designer underwear instead...


20/02/2013 10:28
Thanks for that earth-shattering piece of news.
My life is now complete. 
20/02/2013 11:10

Haha, if this is news, then, well...I think all media should have their heads banged together.


"@Checkleyy tweeted: "So, Justin Bieber shops at Primark. I shop at Primark. Loads of people do. WHERE'S MY TRENDING TOPIC?!"" Where is this guy so I can give him a handshake, he speaks the truth and most of our thoughts about this topic :)

20/02/2013 16:05
I was thinking of committing suicide earlier, but now I have heard this really significant piece of news, I might delay it until tomorrow.

Wonder where he gets his socks from?
20/02/2013 12:21

so whats the next big news about this so called popStar !!!

" Justin went to public pathroom !!!!!!!!!! "

the world is loosing its mind.

20/02/2013 11:57
so what nothing wrong with primark why waste money on expensive crap he earns his money he spends it how n where he likes.
20/02/2013 13:06
What has Justin Bieber in common with the quality of MSN's news items?
20/02/2013 16:59

It's hard to believe that MSN's 'so called' journalists get paid for writing this boring, uninteresting crap.

Hope he picked up the 3 pack  cheaper ones- save some money !!!...
i see all the  justin wanna be are rushing to primark for their underwear
20/02/2013 11:15
so what if he buys clothes at primark its the quality of the clothes id good besides he has an allowance maybe he spent it already
21/02/2013 08:19
Who care if Justin But head get his underware from Primark can't stand him he looks like he not yet started pubity lol
01/03/2013 03:05
Or....Primark is to music what he is to clothes. All **** and inappropriate!!
24/02/2013 00:02
Actually, they were frilly white silk panties, he had reserved
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