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17/02/2013 11:11

David Cameron to appear in One Direction Comic Relief video

The Prime Minister has a cameo in the video for 1D's charity single...

One Direction with David Cameron (© Twitter)

One Direction with David Cameron

David Cameron is to appear with One Direction in the video for the boy band's Comic Relief single.

The Prime Minister has what's been called a "cameo role" in the video for the teen sensation's cover version medley of Blondie's One Way or Another and the Undertones' Teenage Kicks.

Not only that, the government has waived VAT on the single in recognition of what a spokesperson described as "the special place Comic Relief held in the public’s affections and its outstanding work in tackling world poverty.”

Cameron joins former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in getting involved in the fundraiser, which has raised £800 million since it was founded in 1985. Blair appeared in a 2007 sketch with Catherine Tate, while Brown joined James Corden and JLS for a comedy skit in 2011, a year after leaving office .

17/02/2013 14:58
One Direction to duet with an arse hole with No Direction......  Just what the country needs.
17/02/2013 12:33
wouild somebody please arrest "1d" for repeated public indeceny!
Is there nothing this p+ick won't do for publicity the man is an ****
17/02/2013 14:52
Well lets be fair they got the right man for the job HE IS A COMIC, but none of us are laughing.
17/02/2013 14:12
They should use the whole Tory party they are all a joke led by clowns
17/02/2013 13:40
Well, i guess if he's nothing better to do with his time...

Typical of him helping out other countries before helping his own country ****.


17/02/2013 14:42
I find it harder and harder to fathom this cnut out-is he on something ??? the place is falling apart and he's trying to be Mr Popular.

SCAMeron- just do your job will you ffs.

surely 1d can't be that desperate for attention that they have to involve this piece of trash.
17/02/2013 13:10
Is Cameron a giant or haven't any of 1D had a growth spurt yet?
17/02/2013 18:25
Is it even funny that Muppet Cameron wants to try and attempt something funny when he can't even take the running of our country seriously and continue too destroy it and every person living in hardship and near poverty??
17/02/2013 19:53
no 1 likes cameron in the country . so one direction as really buggurd themselfs up on this 1
1D you got it wrong, Its called a photo bomb you should have given him a bomb and then take photos of him as it blows up in is face? that's a photo bomb,  Plus you would have gone down in history as being the only band to raise over £50 billion + for charity as nearly ever one in the world would have paid to see that,  When thatcher was in power the band aid concert raised  £8m  all the artists performed for free, Yet thatcher made a killing by taking a big chunk of the £8m by taxing the money raised, And Cameron is only dropping the VAT to try and get voters, But he still makes big profit in tax from the money raise from the whole event just like thatcher, 
17/02/2013 13:33

cameron got it wright appearing with one direction video the song is wrong it shoul be the only way is down  20%vat out of pocket for one? yes he is a caring person but like most parties they rob the poor to pay the poorer and then pat them selves on the back then  sings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



17/02/2013 15:03
17/02/2013 18:07
I wonder if camoron turns up in his hoody? he is such a smug looking to$$er, one direction?  we all know which way that is, Oh no, sorry there are two directions, depending if your Rich,or poor, and we all know which one this prize drip caters for ££££££££££££££££

Children in Need; a charity for the starving! A charity that fights poverty! Yet they invite this monster; a 'man' that is enslaving and impoverishing his own people!

Children in Need!

Last year,  Oxfam issued it's first appeal for aid.........for  people in THIS country!   And you invite this scum, this traitor and out-and-out enemy of the British people????

This nasty specimen and his vicious, nasty government , is WHOLLY responsible, for thousands of people that have died as a result of HIS policies!  How many more will die???

He is FORCING slave labour onto his own people!

He is throwing people out of their homes in a despicable attempt to rig the next election through his policy of ethnic cleansing! 

He is FORCING people to turn to FOOD BANKS in their tens of thousands yet turns a blind eye, to the multi-billion pounds in tax avoidance by multi-national corporations!

And YOU invite HIM?????

It is totally and utterl;y offensive, for Children in Need, to include this vicious, nasty, arrogant, callous monster in ANYTHING to do with Children in Need!

I will boycott this record and I urge everyone else  to so the same!

Oh One Direction! 

You've just destroyed what little street cred you had and shortened your career even further!

17/02/2013 15:45

Look at that hey, Cameron the (almost) human suppository, looking smug and getting readied to be inserted up another R sole...how low can this invert go? Yes I know...there is...but...Jesus, it gets...etc.

They are taking the urine, off your knees!

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