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24/04/2013 15:45

Celebrity reactions to JLS split: tears, sadness and condom jokes

We’ve all been shaken by the news of the boyband’s (random) separation, especially their celebrity pals

JLS (© Rex)

JLS are splitting up!

It’s been a tough day in Musicland. Upon hearing the news that one of our favourite boybands JLS are splitting (sob), we took to Twitter to expel our grief. And so, it seems, did their celebrity fans and friends.

OK, so we didn’t actually shed a real tear (we dry sobbed), but it turns out that Alexandra Burke cried a bit and ex-TOWIE star Mark Wright got a watery eye too.

Alexandra, who came first on X Factor in 2008 when the JLS lads came second, tweeted: “I’m speechless at my boys deciding to split. I honestly don’t think it’s that time for them. They have so much more to achieve.”

She added: “I have tears in my eyes as I type this. My love for @JLSOfficial is unreal. I will always support them and I wish them all the best…”

Mark Wright exposed himself as he posted:  “Not gonna lie, my eyes watered a little bit reading that @JLSOfficial are splitting. Sad article. Congrats to all your success boys #bigfan.”

Other showbiz fans have been gutted about the news of the JLS split, whereas some celebs have seen the funnier side. There has been more than one JLS condom-split joke from our funniest stars (the boys infamously launched their own condom line a couple of years ago called Just Love Safe). Check out some of the top tweets from celebs following the news of the JLS split…

Dr Christian Jessen: “JLS to split!!! Now this has ruined my week. All was going so well so far... :-(“

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson: “Sad to hear about JLS . Wish them all the best of luck in what they go on to do.”

Jack Whitehall: “Tonight I will wear my JLS condom at half mast… It better not split too.”

Rochelle Humes and Jack Whitehall have tweeted about the JLS split (© PA)

Rochelle Humes and Jack Whitehall have tweeted about the JLS split

Graham Coxon: “JLS no more? wonderful news...i shall writhe today..in ecstatic glee. 1D and bieber to go..but they seem to be doing a good job themselves.”

Katy Brand: “I think the writing was sort of on the wall for #JLS when JB turned up on Countryfile last week saying he was going to become a farmer...

Dom Joly: “JLS are splitting up *looks at his shoe for a second* weather looks nice...”

Al Murray: “Does this mean I can take off my #JLS condom now?

Rufus Hound: “So, JLS have decided to walk away from it all. Well, Orise, JB and Marvin are walking away. Aston'll probably backflip.”

Simon Pegg: “Is it true DFS is closing down?! Sorry, JLS. So are JLS having a closing down sale?”

However, the most heartfelt celeb message of them all came from JLS star Marvin Humes’ wife, Rochelle, of The Saturdays. She wrote: “As well as being a wife I'm a big @JLSOfficial fan. I am V sad its the end of an era. What an amazing run. I'm so proud. Roll on the tour x

"I'm so so proud of them.  4 genuine best friends."

24/04/2013 21:53
JLS , well just watch in a years time they will be on The Big Reuion next year!
25/04/2013 12:15
My Grand-daughter will be heartbroken for about a week!!
25/04/2013 19:15
noooooooooooooooooooooo dont u dare spilt there has been enough of great boy bands spilting whats the point being a band in the first place if u was going to spilt i hate it when u start in joying a album them they spilt i am gutted firsty east 17 then backstreet boys then  westlife now jls all the gd ones going :(
that's cherry blossom sales down then
25/04/2013 08:04
Who, or what is J.L.S., it sounds like a trainer trade mark, or something you'd see wwritten on a delivery van.
25/04/2013 12:34
My heart was broken when I heard the news about JLS. Of course that was when they first formed, now I couldn't be happier.
25/04/2013 08:03

We've all been saddened / shaken


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