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14/06/2013 10:38 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN TV

Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark's teeth light up Twitter

X Factor star and Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark sparked some hilarious tweets on Twitter.

Rylan Clark (© Rylan Clark. Image. Channel 5)

Rylan Clark, one-time X Factor finalist, was the talk of Twitter on Big Brother launch night - but in a way he couldn't have possibly imagined.

The former Celebrity Big Brother champ has new teeth - and boy, does it show!

Viewers who watched Rylan present Big Brother spin-off series Bit On The Side took to Twitter when his gnashers quickly emerged as the star of the show.

Several parody 'Rylan's teeth' accounts have sprung up on the social networking site. In addition, users had a great deal of fun at the reality star's expense.

‏@ItsScottAnthony tweeted: "Rylan's teeth are reminding me of when Ross on friends whitened his teeth too much."

@snoop1974 said: "Rylan's teeth?!!! He looks like the lovechild of Freddie Mercury and Red Rum."

@SohoGuy wrote: "Wow, Rylan's teeth are WHHHHIIIIITE!"

@missfranklin was more sardonic: "Dear Rylan's teeth, I thought I was providing the light source for this planet. Sincerely, the sun. #bbuk"

@Lou__weasel observed: "Rylan's teeth look like piano keys!!"

@hellot0m said: "There should be a helpline for people who have been subjected to Rylan's teeth."

@simonlowe posted: "Rylan's teeth! It looks like he's been drinking Tippex."

‏@charlumpkin wrote: "I'm sorry but I'm actually crying at Rylan's teeth I cannot believe he looks like the Bees Gees had a child with a horse!"

Oh dear, Rylan! He's definitely made a splash on Big Brother's Bit On The Side, but few tweeted about his presenting skills...

14/06/2013 12:01
What did he do that for? There was nothing wrong with his teeth in the first place...?
14/06/2013 13:13

why rylan your teeth were great the way they were


14/06/2013 13:38
looks like he borrowed janet street porters gnashers what a state and cant speak rigt
14/06/2013 14:34
oh dear Rylan what have you done?? i thought i was imagining  things last night the way you were holding your lips together then wow you opened up and hey presto Katie Prices teeth popped out!! Remember when KP went to LA and had her teeth done and had to have them redone as they hurt and didn't fit right well it looks like Rylan has tried the same dentist!!  I had a look at some of your old publicity shots and your teeth looked better before the super white veneers, cast your mind back to dick emery's vicar sketches ( sorry for you youngsters who don't know who that is try google) I was really pleased when i saw you were doing BBBOTS but i coudn't concentrate on it as i was too busy watching the teeth please please please take them back !!
14/06/2013 14:50
Are you sure he's not Janet Street-Porter's love child?!!!!! lol
14/06/2013 13:20

 I cannot believe he looks like the Bees Gees had a child with a horse!" ----

He's certainly one end of a horse  

14/06/2013 13:00
He is turning into JORDON NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!
15/06/2013 14:35

These dentists should be banned from practising. This is not funny. The last time I saw teeth like that was when Jim Carey played The Mask.....



14/06/2013 14:02
dont give a fly ****, rylan gets fame from being such a fag on xfactor !
14/06/2013 13:47
sort them out soon son or face ridicule every day.
Just another car crash tv star who has got where he is today simply because of his sexuality. For some reason the powers that be in television seem to think the general public want this kind of character rammed down our throats. 'Camp' is neither funny nor entertaining. It is just a politically correct yawn fest for fans of air head tv.
14/06/2013 14:46
LITERALLY CRYING !!! my twitter is @charlumpkin, i cannot believe they used my tweet omg i'm laughing so much
14/06/2013 12:48

And theres me thinking this freak show had climbed back under the rock he come out (literally) from under.

The world isnt a fair place.

14/06/2013 15:51
Just looks a bigger dick than he was before. Silly little camper who has had his 15 minutes of fame and sho1uld buzz off back to where he came from. Mind you his new teeth give a better target to smack the idiot
14/06/2013 15:38
Why did he do that? His teeth were fine.
16/06/2013 10:34
Rylan is just perfect for EUROVISION. He should be our next entry.
14/06/2013 12:27
Like Rylan but he really should not of done that, his teeth were fine

14/06/2013 14:09
oh dear Rylan.....what have you gone and done?!!
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