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03/04/2013 11:30 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Beyoncé to cover Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black for The Great Gatsby

The singer is going to record her own rendition of the Winehouse classic for the upcoming movie

Beyonce, Amy Winehouse (© PA)

There are very few people who could get away with covering one of Amy Winehouse’s iconic hits, and Beyoncé – who is covering Back To Black for new movie The Great Gatsby – is certainly one of them.

Not many people could match the late singer's powerful, soulful voice on the track, but Beyoncé is going to do her very best.

She’s re-recording the song along with Andre 3000 from Outkast, and it’ll feature in the new movie based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s famous book set in the 1920s.

Bey’s husband Jay-Z is also involved as the executive producer on the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby.

The Baz Luhrmann-directed film, which stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire is to be released in May after opening the Cannes Film Festival.

As well as Beyoncé’s Winehouse cover, the soundtrack for the hotly-anticipated period drama will also feature Jack White’s cover of U2’s Love Is Blindness.

We can't wait to hear Beyoncé's rendition of Back To Black - do you think it'll be good? Tweet us @msnents and let us know your thoughts!

03/04/2013 14:52
Bad idea, Beyoncé. Covering an Amy Winehouse song is like trying to remake the film Cool Hand Luke. Some things are so good first time around, they are best left alone.  
03/04/2013 14:39
Does she think she's doing Amy a favour?  Just another money making ploy to keep her British fans spending.
03/04/2013 15:36
beyonce is a very good singer but however out of respect leave that song alone its not for covering amy put her stamp on that song ...x
03/04/2013 16:17
Here she goes, MURDERING a great song! Most over rated singer out there!!
03/04/2013 16:04
no way, she just won't be able to do it. dosen't have the goods.
03/04/2013 16:47
no way should she be allowed to do that,,
03/04/2013 18:18

Beyoncé is a really good singer but personally as someone commented earlier Amy put her stamp on Back To Black.


So Beyoncé leave well alone

03/04/2013 15:36
Mediocre singer singing a great song once sung by a mega talented singer .
03/04/2013 15:44


Now we're gonna get cover versions from wannabe's on the X Factor, BGT and every 'girl band' who wants to be taken seriously.


I can hear the synthesizers and echoes in the background already.


03/04/2013 20:31
NO NO NO Please don't spoil a great hit by Amy

shes got no soul...and she doesnt get jazz...leave well alone i say
03/04/2013 18:58
NO NO NO NO NO Please don't spoil a great hit by Amy 
04/04/2013 02:11

NO >:( don't ruin an amazing song!

leave Amy's songs alone.

03/04/2013 17:30
Surely they need someone who can sing?
04/04/2013 10:49
04/04/2013 08:20
I'm sceptical to say the least. Beyonce is a classic example of the triumph of style over substance. She is beautiful, and talented, I am impressed by her acting skills, and no one can move in heels like her. Her energy on stage is reminiscent of Tina Turner. But her voice, I lament, is not. She has a certain ability and range, but she doesn't have depth or power to her voice, it is pleasant enough, but gets screechy when she tries to emote. This is sung in a much lower key than most songs, it may just work if she gets her pitch right, but I still feel she will not come of well in a direct comparison to Amy. Her voice was truly something special.
03/04/2013 16:29

Amy was trailer junky scum who didn't appreciate her own talent. And who modelled herself and copied similar junky scum artists from the past sounding and acting like the Black 1920 vocalist Billie Hoiday and dying in much the same way.  If you ask me Beyonce idolising foolish recklessness. She should stay clear of glamourisng junky scum.

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