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18/02/2013 16:30 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Beyoncé tickets struggle for fans as Ticketmaster crashes

The demand for tickets to Beyoncé's UK shows was so high, the ticket-selling websites couldn't cope

Beyonce (© PA)

It was always going to be a bit of a bun fight to get tickets for Beyoncé's UK shows. However, fans were left disappointed today as several ticket-selling websites, including Ticketmaster, failed to cope with the huge demand, crashing before many got to the final stages of purchasing their coveted tickets.

Tickets for the 11 dates Beyoncé is playing in the UK on her Mrs. Carter world tour went on sale at 9.30am on Saturday morning (23 February) but sold out in just 10 minutes. Tickets in the pre-sale earlier this week to O2 Priority customers also sold out in minutes.

Ticketmaster, one of the biggest ticket-selling sites in the country, shared the bad news that they had sold out. They tweeted: "We’re really sorry, demand was massive and we’ve sold out of our allocation. @Beyonce is the most popular solo artist in the world!"

Fans on Twitter raged about how they couldn't buy tickets, with others complaining that touts had already started selling them on eBay for up to £500 a pop despite the fact that, at face value, they are worth around £50-£85.

"Pfffffft it's not like I wanted Beyonce tickets anyway. She's not even the best member of Destiny's child. #Denial," one fan wrote, while another added: "Tried to get Beyoncé tickets. Didn't get them. At least I got to watch the Ticketmaster loading page for 15 minutes."

"Beyoncè tickets are the best thing I never had," another tweeted quipped.

Even celebrities have struggled to get tickets to see Beyoncé. Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington is just one who failed to get the coveted tickets.

Rebecca Adlington tweet (© Twitter)

And, as with all things Twitter, many found humour in the sorry situation...

Tweet (© Twitter)

23/02/2013 23:29
thank the greedy ebay sellers go look on there you,ll find plenty for sale at triple the price =/ greedy b*****ds
23/02/2013 20:19
strange checked viagogo...just for fun...and minutes later 237 standing tickets were up for sale at enormous prices and even though the public were restricted to 4 tickets some people were selling up to 8 how does that happen then.
23/02/2013 19:02
She can't be that 'talentless' if there's such high demand for her tickets. The high standards she puts in to creating her shows obviously reflects, so don't be so harsh 
23/02/2013 20:33
Beyonce what is wrong with coming up to Scotland we love you up here come on B add some scottish dates show the love to us xx
25/02/2013 10:41

This is the biggest farce and fraud I have ever come across. We were on the phone exactly on time and spent all day and evening trying to get the tickets at the prices advertised.Firstly you couldnt get through,then were told the cheapest were £180 and rising.

Im not in a position to pay that price for my grandson to go see her no matter how much I want to.

All the ticket offices started their prices at the minimum of £180 and went up.Every single beyonce site I went onto it was the same.

To make matters worse.Somehow Ebay sellers had manages to get 100's of tickets and selling them at rediculous prices,some even as high as a million pound.How did they manage to get tickets and we ordinary fan cant. This is a shameful way of exploitng ordinary fans and someone should put a stop on it.Ebay if your reading this then you should ban sales of tickets like this as its obvious they have been purchased solely to make lots of money from those who cant afford it.

24/02/2013 11:23
loads of ticket touts now tickets on viagogo and all those other resale sites for more than double the price.  Tickets for big events should be sold only bu the original sellers who are licensed to sell so that people just don't buy up tickets to resell.  The tickets should have the names of the individuals attending and if need to be transferred or sold on, they should be returned to the O2 or whoever running the event for resale or amendment to whom is attending. Similar to what Michael Jackson had planned
23/02/2013 18:18
I had sat and waited since 0800hrs with the Ticketmaster page open  At about 0920 the page refreshed and totally crashed.  It came back at about 0940 and allowed me to select tickets but  again crashed when I had to put in the encrypted code (which it repeatedly told me I had got wrong)  After the 3rd attempt, it kicked me out saying no tickets left.  I had massive problems on the O2 priority site as well.  Tickets were on sale for 20 mins before I was released from the 'virtual waiting room' and only then they tried to sell me tickets at the back of the O2, behind the lighting rig (so i wouldn't see anything anyhow)
Bit of a farce really - at least i got to see her 'Sasha Fierce show' - got tickets at the front too!

24/02/2013 20:21
Those people who have bought them for selling on ebay and other sites should have there tickets canceled... it just pure greed...
24/02/2013 11:25
people need to just boycott some of these events and then the promoters would get their act together and it would teach the ones who buy tickets for resale that they cannot getaway with this
23/02/2013 18:26
dont have to be nasty people. Beyonce is very talented, you try do her job for a day,,,,
23/02/2013 17:22
there's some idiot on ebay asking £1 million for 2 tickets.why anybody would pay to see a talentless wannabe is beyond me she can't sing without a pitch rectifier she can't dance and she can't act
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